Turizmus Trend (Tourism Trend)

The dominant source of information for the Hungarian tourist trade. With the fine articles and surveys of the monthly published magazine, our goal is to get a wide international perspective and to go ahead of domestic and foreign trends.

Turizmus Online (Tourism online)

Tourism Online is the homepage of the tourism industry.The website offers up-to-date information and services, professional databases and forums about recent topics for specialists working in the field of tourism. It also contains archive articles from Tourism Trend and the Daily Tourism Newsletter, which are downloadable any time.

Napi Turizmus Hírlevél (Daily Tourism Newsletter)

The Daily Tourism Newsletter is the fastest news platform of the tourist industry. Our newsletter, sent on working days by e-mail to all our subscribers, contains up-to-date news of the national and international issues of the tourist industry.

Target readership

  • travel agencies 
  • commercial accommodation providers 
  • event and program organizers 
  • transport companies 
  • guides 
  • travel insurance companies 
  • Tourinform agencies 
  • foreign tourism representations 
  • specialized tourism schools 
  • tourism adviser companies 
  • competent authorities of the public administration 
  • national and regional tourism associations 
  • spas 
  • airlines 
  • cruise companies

Why is it worth to advertise in the magazine Turizmus Trend?


  • 92% of our readers have a look at the advertisements in the magazine. 
  • 76% of our readers want (on a regular basis) to know more about an advertised product or service because of the advertisement. 
  • 70% of our readers decide which service pro vider their company is going to order from. 
  • 72% of our readers have read each of the last 6 issues of our magazine.

S ource: GfK – readers survey, 2005 

  • The professional magazines of the publisher Professional Publishing Hungary deal with the following main topics 
  • food industry and trading: Élelmiszer
  • tourism: Turizmus Trend
  • hotel and catering industry: Vendég & Hotel 
  • marketing communication: Kreatív, Intern 
  • public health: Orvostovábbképző Szemle, Medical Tribune, Egészséglap + orvosi szaklapok 
  • gyártástechnológia 
  • production trend: Gyártástrend

Advertisement prices and sizes

Size (orientation): bleed size Size (orientation): 1/1type size
Size: 215×290 mm Size: 183×244 mm
Price, 4 colours: 1116 EUR Price, 4 colours: 1116 EUR



Size (orientation): 1/2 portrait type size Size (orientation): 1/2 landscape type size
Size: 89×244 mm Size: 183×119 mm
Price, 4 colours: 756 EUR Price, 4 colours: 756 EUR



Size (orientation): 1/3 portrait type size Size (orientation): 1/3 landscape type size
Size: 59×244 mm Size: 186×175 mm
Price, 4 colours: 596 EUR Price, 4 colours: 596 EUR



Size (orientation): 1/4 portrait type size Size (orientation): 1/4 landscape type size
Size: 89×119 mm Size: 198×60 mm
Price, 4 colours: 476 EUR Price, 4 colours: 476 EUR



Size (orientation): 1/6 portrait type size Size (orientation): 1/8 landscape type size
Size: 58×110 mm Size:

90×55 mm, 64×90 mm

Price, 4 colours: 396 EUR Price, 4 colours: 316 EUR

Size (orientation): 1/8 portrait type size
Size: 53×65mm
Price, 4 colours: 1276 EUR



Size (orientation): cover II bleed area Size (orientation): cover IV. bleed size
Size: 215×290 mm Size:

215×290 mm

Price, 4 colours: 1276 EUR Price, 4 colours: 1396 EUR




Put in publish it advertisement, sticking, box, sponsoration: according to individual agreements

Prices do not contain VAT. We require print-ready material for all advertisements. Otherwise a technical fee

amounting to 10% of the ratecard price will be charged. Special location: 10% extra charge.


Tourism Online tariffs

Space:  Size  Price/week
Rövid felhő 120×120 pixel 120 EUR
Hosszú felhő 120×240 pixel 150 EUR
Felhőkarcoló 120×600 pixel 260 EUR
Standard  486×60 pixel 230 EUR
Maxi  920×110 pixel 250 EUR

The minimum period one week


Volume discounts:

2 occasions 5%
3–4 occasions 10%
5–6 occasions 15%
7 occasions or more 20%



This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ads can be submitted in the following formats

eps, tif, jpg, pdf files, resolution 300 dpi, on CD or ftp.

Technical Data

Print run: 3000
Trim size: 210×280 mm
Column width: 58,5 mm (4 columns), 89 mm (3 columns)
Gutter: 5 mm
Printing method: web-offset
Screen: 150 lpi
Bindery: stitching bindery


Advertising sales

Professional Publishing Hungary Kft., 1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 3/b.
Postal address: 1300 Budapest, Pf. 157 Tel.: (+36-1) 430 4529
Csirke Zsolt • marketing manager • E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Material Delivery Deadlines

issue  film deadline publishing date
1-2. 2010/01. 18. 2010/01. 29.
3. 2010/02. 19. 2010/03. 04.
4. 2010/03. 23. 2010/04. 05.
5. 2010/04. 21. 2010/05. 03.
6. 2010/05. 19. 2010/06. 03.
7-8. 2010/06. 22. 2010/07. 05.
9. 2010/08. 19. 2010/09. 03.
10. 2010/09. 19. 2010/10. 04.
11. 2010/10. 17. 2010/11. 04.
12. 2010/11. 22. 2010/12. 06.

Conditions of Agreement

The order for advertisement in magazines published by Professional Publishing Hungary Kft. (hereinafter Publisher) is at the same time an approval of the Conditions of Agreement of the Publisher and the contract for the publication.Conditions of Agreement of the Publisher shall remain valid until written notification to the contrary effect are sent to the partners.

I. Order

  1. The Publisher shall accept any change in advertisement or order only in written form.
  2. The advertisement Agreement shall be deemed concluded if the Publisher does not reject the order within 5 working days from the date of the order or if the Publisher confirms the order. The Publisher shall provide a written confirmation only upon the written request of the Customer.
  3. The Publisher reserves the right to reject orders without having to explain the reasons even if the order submitted was a long term or recurrent order and the Publisher has already fulfilled the order in part.
  4. The prices and the preferential advertisement fees determined by the rate card are decisive in case of the advertisement Agreement. In the Agreement the Publisher can provide only those discounts that were indicated by the Customer qualifying for the discounts. The incorrect indication or the omission of indicating the discounts shall result in non-granting of the discount.
  5. Additional costs not rated in the order but which is unconditionally required for the publication of the advertisement shall be passed by the Publisher to the Customer on the basis of prevalent valid rate card and these will be invoiced in the bill.
  6. Specimen should be attached in case supplements, clips and add-ins. Such order is deemed accepted only if a written confirmation is sent by the Publisher.

II. Arrangement of advertisement and contracts

  1. The Publisher is no way responsible for the content of advertisements provided on the basis of accepted orders and any damages resulting from related legal dispute shall be passed on to the Customer.
  2. If the Costumer delivers print-ready advertising material (on film or in electronic form), the Publisher does not assume the responsibility for misprints.
  3. In case of print-ready advertisements the Publisher always requires a proof. If the Advertiser fails to deliver a proof, the Publisher does not accept any complaint regarding colour errors.
  4. Misprints that occurred through faults of the Publisher, but do not alter significantly the meaning of the advertisement, do not justify any claim for compensation.
  5. Corrections and colour prints are only made on request of the Costumer in writing. These costs are always paid by the Costumer. If the proof prints are not accepted within the deadline, the permission to publish will be regarded as given. Silence is always regarded as consent to publication.
  6. The Publisher always treats the advertisements with the greatest possible care, taking into consideration the placing preferences of the Costumer, but the Publisher has no liability whatsoever in this regard.
  7. The Publisher does not keep and send back the delivered advertisements without the Costumer request in writing.
  8. The Publisher guarantees the print quality of the printed advertisements that can be expected from the technical possibilities of the printing method. If the published advertisement is published in a quality inferior to what could have been expected from the technical possibilities of the printing method or it is published with errors, the Costumer has the right to ask for a reduction of payment or for another publishing of the advertisement, but only to the extent to which the goal of the advertisement has been reduced.

III. Cancellation of order and advertisement

  1. The withdrawal of order for advertisement space, supplement, clip or add-ins stated in the order is not possible after the deadline for the submission of orders. This deadline is contained in the prevalent rate card. If the Costumer does not need the advertising space any more, he has to pay the whole of the advertising fee according to the contract.
  2. If the Customer does not make the stipulated print material or supplements, clips or add-ins agreed upon to the Publisher at the deadlines stated in the media information and this leads to the failure of the contract, the Publisher reserves the right to invoice and collect the full charges.
  3. By the mutual consent of the Parties the advertisement Agreement can be cancelled in writing. The method of settling of accounts is subject to an Agreement between the Parties.
  4. The advertisement Agreement can be terminated with a three month period of notice. The valid orders shall be fulfilled during the period of notice and until the expiration of the period of notice. In case of a regular termination by the Customer the Publisher may withdraw the discounts defined under paragraph I.4 retrospectively back to the date of publishing the first advertisement.
  5. In case of a serious breach of the Agreement by any of the Parties the other Party may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect if the other Party was asked to top the agreement breaking conduct and to remedy its consequences within a reasonable time limit but the time limit has expired.


IV. Payment of the published advertisement

  1. The Publisher shall issue invoice for published advertisement and send it to the Customer. The Customer agrees to settle the issued invoice within the stated payment deadline.
  2. Complaints regarding the published advertisement or the invoice is possible within 8 days following the issue of the invoice.
  3. In case of delayed payment the Publisher will charge an interest on arrears equivalent to the bank rate valid on the last day before the half-year in which the arrears have been accumulated plus 7 %. In case the Costumer does not pay the advertising fee even after more calls in this regard, the Publisher can terminate the contract with a unilateral statement immediately after the day the extension of time expires. In this case the Costumer has to pay the equivalent of the fee for the already published advertisements, which means to pay the Publisher the advertising fees of the published advertisements and moreover he has to pay the value of the discounts given by the Publisher according to I.4 – form the first publishing – with interests on arrears.
  4. The Customer is only entitled to bill expenses to the publisher, withhold payment or reduced the payable amount, if the publisher has issued a written confirmation concerning this or such claim has become unappealable. The appropriate provisions of the Civil Code are applicable to issues not regulated in this contract. The Publisher and the Customer shall first of all try to settle legal dispute between them through negotiations. In case this fails or is unsuccessful, the Publisher hereby stipulates the exclusive jurisdiction of the Central District Court of Pest.
Size (orientation): bleed size
Size: 215×290 mm Price, 4 colours: 1116 EUR Size (orientation): 1/2 portrait type size